Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka株式会社蘭一That believe international Feng Shui Ki Science Association certified under Feng Shui we're everybody be happy to help and contribute to society.
Make a fortune in Feng Shui expert Pro「小関寿子」More want to be happy and to succeed, you want to feel life more more, I want to be rich you cheer. First of all take a step forward.



2018年1月16日 : In the housing company's new year's Party was allowed to talk.
Recently in the housing company's new year's party allowed to Feng Shui talks.
About 120 people in 1-fundamentals of Feng Shui was told 1 important thing.
Feng Shui, horoscopes, not the statistics, I have stuck with life, fate is how do things etc. A simple appraisal of the few employees who show off at the end and "leaning against the right‼"And it was great. Status of the consultation in the after dinner, and talk to you let me thank was a happy moment. Or reserve your participation next Haga teacher seminars and mental training, we also ask for personal advice and interacting with new people are very grateful. Hope alone is much better in Feng Shui to be happy God, masen.

2018In January 6th. : 新年明けましておめでとうございます。
A happy new year. Spent a good year?
It was walking with his son from an early age walked behind me and watched back. From many years ago.
Said "when my mother fell down immediately helped travellers", the situation was reversed.
And reminds the envelope would be many years ago.
Year-end and new year celebrations all finished, thanks for be, went back home.
Inside the House was suddenly there. Do not throw away this envelope, a..

2017December 18. : At the end of spring cleaning
Today's new moon. That I don't need to ever throw away, today is the final finishing touches cleaning and clean thoroughly.
House glass Polish monthly Pro ask. Please clean the water around, plus it is the end of the year.
This morning is arriving at nine o'clock. Always very careful work Buri in shiny all over the House. Luck goes up with a jerk.
While Ozeki is what you're saying is... playing!.
From the Gold member Special lecture in Yonago yesterday. Home 4:00 a little sleep this morning, so enjoy coffee while basking in the Sun at the Office today. A modest reward.

2017December 11. : Crystal of next year of the Chinese zodiac.
Ladies and gentlemen, for your Chinese new year has progressed is clean? It's not getting let go.
Home of next year's Zodiac crystals. Will luck Ki put at the front door.
Purify Crystal Zodiac of the year of the rooster, Rooster house orientation place.
EHO, of Crystal in the slaughter, because full House crystal.

We must believe things will be better next year.
201711 / 25. : To our luck went to Morioka.
3At night I went to our luck to Morioka. It goes out to thank our luck and luck Ki.
Waiting for luck Ki also won't come. So are you going to pick up from my.
This was very interesting courses that Haga Director of seminars, workshops and theory.
Excited, appraisers of the 40 people participated from around the country. At night every night drinking society.
Go near the hot springs during the snow last night, and came warm.

Snow was falling this morning that Tokyo is at all not cold!
Court is your luggage. Do not forget a souvenir home. I do.

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