Consultation flow

Consultation flow

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2. Contact determines on consultation, please contact us by email or phone on receipt.

3. Consultation and expert opinion
Feng Shui expert charge 6000 yen (30 minutes)

Feng Shui history statistics, combination of Yin Yang Feng Shui geography and astronomy, Ki, was Guard becomes a compass for the lives of the people. It is also a discipline and to know the balance of yin and Yang, five elements, Bagua, and understand the meaning of the heaven, Earth, people, better than the fate of the people.
You can than luck ki ki flow to set up calendar and orientation is not changed. It is the location and the Yin-Yang balance.
Feng Shui advice, depending upon the customer happy.
Please contact us if you have any doubts, fears,.
Place usually at our office we discuss our company.

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