Feng Shui basics


Making and killed?

Front door

Around the water
Where luck Ki a significant impact around the water.
Nowhere in the House or around the water that is important, but first Please clean shiny water around everywhere. Assorted salt and 清memashou.

To put things in storage under the kitchen sink is not so.
Flows thing is in there, and good luck.

Use the Prime salt luck Ki want different colors on your plate.
Would raise a yellow good luck, pink = job-networking luck, lucky green = healthy, Orange = family luck, purple = Ki, meaning.

The orientation of slaughter

Orientation of the killed is heading home affect the whole family.(Tai Chi)Of an over kill.

Tai Chi for slaughter

Favorite Ki of slaughter
Individuals of the priorities will be killed.

First, become a breadwinner of the family household of first thing in the household: son killed for killing the 2 second. Men of after killing women of slaughter that is on the Feng Shui of is killed in order.

Ki no luck to get rid of the concept of "ditch" of how to kill puts gold plate on the Bagua mirror, triangular-shaped notch salt place unwinnable orientation of that person.

"5 ghosts" is that dwelling ancestors lucky.
It is like making originally had directions.
Bagua mirror over the purple plate, assorted salt in the form of a triangular pyramid.

The curse of the six want orientation that is "six killed".
Place the pink dish on the Bagua mirror, assorted salt with a conical shape.

Directions that lead to accidents and injuries is "禍害".
Place the plate of Orange Bagua mirror over the assorted salt with a conical shape.

By home and family of, or an expert appraiser, or attend a seminar may come out different, how to kill a best of please select the how to kill.