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And appraisal of the International Feng Shui Ki society

People are influenced by environment and surroundings, have a variety of problems, can't live happily.
There is little concerns such as health, family, work, personal connections, goods even without losing the brilliance of life people.

By the date of birth of each has with the fate of each.
That means their fate is born, and should be, is the ability of its people.

There are many who lost, people who do not know the fate, worries, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Miss luck Ki, to bloom themselves without ends.
鑑定士は、自分自身の人生を充実したものにできるだけでなく、 鑑定を通じて一人一人の宿命や能力を活かせる環境作りの提案をし、 その人だけでなく、家族の人生も輝かせる導きができる最高の資格です。

Become a guiding hand alone as many people feel happy to come together to learn Feng Shui, aiming for Appraisers.


To be in Feng Shui appraisers

Association of Certified appraisers in the step