Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka株式会社蘭一We would like to help you to be happy and contribute to society through feng shui under the certification of the Association.
Make a fortune in Feng Shui expert Pro「小関寿子」More want to be happy and to succeed, you want to feel life more more, I want to be rich you cheer. First of all take a step forward.


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2023In October 28th. : : 第八運もあと僅か。
天文学インストラクター試験が無事終わり、第八運最後の百万倍日特別講演会もとても楽しく終りました。 ほっと...
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2023年10月2日 : : 今の小関家上空

2023年9月17日 : : 頑張りましたよ。
朝から湿気が堪らない。ウォーキングで汗だくになり、お墓参りでまた汗だく。結果こうなりました。 今から本鑑...
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2023September 10, 2010 : : 小関家の上空

2023年9月3日 : : 岡崎天文学基礎講座
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To customers who can come to our company

As a measure to prevent coronavirus infection, we check the health of appraisers,
We disinfect alcohol and wear masks in-house.
After coming to the company, we ask our customers to disinfect their hands with alcohol and disinfect the soles of their shoes. We would like to ask for your cooperation in creating an environment where you can consult and consult with each other with peace of mind.

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