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2019On February 22. : Astronomy instructor course
New courses have been rated. Get qualified to teach astronomy, instructor training course is.
23 days of delicious food and luxury hotels with Spa in almost canned, intently studying‼
Passed too much in poor health and a time of tensions after the written examination and interviews of the President on the last day.💮
To study astronomy and in my way of life, a life when what is happening or, at any time of the day to start the important things, or things become clearer, an interesting life. It was fun yet tense and fun for three days.
Much may still learn a little laid-back chaimasu today.

Incidentally, turtle is a picture of the cover of the text.🐢
2019In January 27. : New year's Party with friends
Congratulations, and happy new year, is a late greeting. Thank you again this year.
Now, annual lunch meeting, this intimate new year's Party. Our usual delicious meal and drink happy and satisfied. After the fuss in the rock paper scissors tournament recently from Haga, Member of it but have colored characters received a commemorative photograph taken. Someone said. "During the dinner was 写seba.‼"... Indeed...

2018年12月25日 : Refreshing plunge
What 気zewashi not every day. I haven't left in the arrangement of the documents Office. There is so much to do, but I went to Hamamatsu Castle in Ki diversion with no luck. Good weather, warm feeling is the highest. While watching a squirrel running around the branches of the trees outside at Starbucks wake up. Had a fun time.

2018年11月22日 : Yoshikata expressing numbers by different
Yoshikata expressing numbers by different today. At first, until they wake up. Staff in to hiraguchi fudo. Because of bad weather, visits from the bottom of the stairs. After that I was watching a movie. Young children become brain-dead and nursing with the machine for the life-sustaining family story. It was about a family that brain death is alive or dead. Too my chest hurt with heavy themes. In the morning, is successfully completed. Becoming sunny in the afternoon and I'm happy. It's a lot of good things coming, as I said it's not.😅

2018年11月19日 : I went. This appraiser certification course.
4 nights 5 days and times this appraiser senior Certification Department, 4 days, 3 nights accommodation, was successfully completed.
We retake the exam is voluntary. So pass the course. The tension too much not just study and delicious meals and at night, enjoy a drink every day. It was a really fun day. Tomorrow's reality. Runs.‼

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