Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka株式会社蘭一That believe international Feng Shui Ki Science Association certified under Feng Shui we're everybody be happy to help and contribute to society.
Make a fortune in Feng Shui expert Pro「小関寿子」More want to be happy and to succeed, you want to feel life more more, I want to be rich you cheer. First of all take a step forward.


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2018September, 13th. : 今後のお勉強会、盛り沢山。

2018年9月5日 : Ise Jingu Shrine

2018On June 13,. : Fun with yoshikata expressing numbers by different.
The other day I went to the very important yoshikata expressing numbers by different. And seven people in droves. Go to yoshikata expressing numbers by different mistakes ever unwittingly had gone to evil will offset. That extra fun in delicious meals and to explore the town. After this time the crab dish, miso factory.

Tasting of miso soup on the way back, we would buy a lot of souvenirs, manner end.
Following yoshikata expressing numbers by different is fun.

2018年5月7日 : I'm trying your luck coin expert.
Golden Week holidays, holiday, some people had to work, thank you.
Incidentally I did every day in your work.
You feel free to want Government involved in Feng Shui, a coin expert.
You can do? And what year was this year? The variety is muttekotogadorehodono. Please feel free to please. Try the luck.

2018年4月4日 : Feng Shui home tour tour
41st Annual Ise Jingu Shrine 1 day pilgrimage (s) I went on a tour of the Association of Feng Shui House Tour.
What great people with cars and cherry blossoms in the visits and thanks to walking Street. Sarutahiko shrine is no parking and abandoned.
Afternoon we watched Feng Shui houses. Almost finished also nice atmosphere is present.

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