Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka株式会社蘭一That believe international Feng Shui Ki Science Association certified under Feng Shui we're everybody be happy to help and contribute to society.
Make a fortune in Feng Shui expert Pro「小関寿子」More want to be happy and to succeed, you want to feel life more more, I want to be rich you cheer. First of all take a step forward.


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2018年12月25日 : 思い切ってリフレッシュ

201811 / 22. : Yoshikata expressing numbers by different

2018年11月19日 : I went. This appraiser certification course.
4 nights 5 days and times this appraiser senior Certification Department, 4 days, 3 nights accommodation, was successfully completed.
We retake the exam is voluntary. So pass the course. The tension too much not just study and delicious meals and at night, enjoy a drink every day. It was a really fun day. Tomorrow's reality. Runs.‼

201811-6 pm : Pray for
Invited to a friend the other day, I went to the Fukagawa fudo-do. Was revamped last year or in very simple and clean.
We thank you for your firing Goma, refreshing body and mind. We had good experiences.

2018年10月17日 : This year, too.
This year bloomed flower at this time.

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