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2018In April, 4 pm : Feng Shui home tour tour
41st Annual Ise Jingu Shrine 1 day pilgrimage (s) I went on a tour of the Association of Feng Shui House Tour.
What great people with cars and cherry blossoms in the visits and thanks to walking Street. Sarutahiko shrine is no parking and abandoned.
Afternoon we watched Feng Shui houses. Almost finished also nice atmosphere is present.

2018March, 21. : Haga, Representative Director of the paper's reputation.
And last year acquired Haga Director of PhD thesis, this time the world is certified and received the world best theoretical qualification. PhD in the fall, and was awarded the social culture award in the spring of last year and will be recognized as academic excellence certification and Feng Shui. I'm really happy we can learn in such a great teacher.
Learn Feng Shui teacher and you sincerely think rim, and continued to come.
Yet teacher please rim better not come will rim please. Let's go to something better than this to life.

2018March, 7th. : Assorted salt Exchange
It is 1 week out, really fast. Today week 1 bloom is the day of the replacement. Daily cleaning and weekly servings salt replacement,
It is can be in monthly measure salt Exchange, keep plugging away to get the luck Ki.
Helping around the House including the floor replacement takes about 40 minutes. Exercise, will be set up and two, running around all over the House. After the exhilaration is very good. In addition, one lucky Ki savings!

2018On February 25. : I received a healing moment.
After a long time off. Afternoon coffee break in to the cafe.
Very crowded, and if you played event.
Is made without reservation, but hand... was allowed to limp care. It is impossible in my.
Like aromas of my senses are healed.
Improved blood flow, relaxing as 出来mashita. With it will come today‼
Thank you for your good dating.

2018In January 16th. : In the housing company's new year's Party was allowed to talk.
Recently in the housing company's new year's party allowed to Feng Shui talks.
About 120 people in 1-fundamentals of Feng Shui was told 1 important thing.
Feng Shui, horoscopes, not the statistics, I have stuck with life, fate is how do things etc. A simple appraisal of the few employees who show off at the end and "leaning against the right‼"And it was great. Status of the consultation in the after dinner, and talk to you let me thank was a happy moment. Or reserve your participation next Haga teacher seminars and mental training, we also ask for personal advice and interacting with new people are very grateful. Hope alone is much better in Feng Shui to be happy God, masen.

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